Global Board


Non-Executive Chairman
Sydney, Australia

Ian is partner at Corporate Advisory firm, Azurium and Head of Digital. 

At IBM, Ian was responsible for digital banking for Australia and New Zealand and the alignment of emerging technologies, e.g., cloud, analytics, cognitive, social and distributed ledger technology. Ian led global firsts for IBM including the application of blockchain technology for a global payments’ remittance platform.

*(To stand for election to the board of Fine Art Bourse Limited subject to the completion of the current Series A round of raising capital)


Executive Chairman . Founder
Sydney, Australia

During his 40-year career as a traditional auctioneer Goodman was to change the face and shape of the traditional Australian fine art auction landscape. He achieved the pinnacle of success as the Australian market leader and operator of the largest fine art auction enterprise in the Southern hemisphere employing seventy staff at four auction houses located in three states with group annual sales approaching $70m.

Upon the completion of a secondary school educated at the Shore school, Tim undertook a cadetship in the auctioneering of industrial and mining machinery at F.R. Strange. Three years later he worked at Sotheby’s in London where he gained valuable work experience.

In the years that followed, Tim learnt the printing and publishing business when he acquired a small troubled company and subsequently launched a regional tabloid newspaper. In the late 80s’ Tim became a dealer in European art and antiques specializing in the arbitrage of art between the Australian sale rooms and the markets of Europe and America. However, Goodman never left the auction industry and in 1992 he rented an old disused telephone exchange building in Sydney’s Double Bay. During the following two decades, Goodman fought with competitors to systematically acquire market share.

In 1998 Goodman entered into a joint venture with listed, John Fairfax Ltd, the largest publisher of print media in Australia at the time. With Fairfax, Tim built the world’s first aggregated portal to provide e-commerce solutions to traditional auctioneers including white labelled website build, e-marketing, SEO, customer alerts, traffic direction and real-time online bidding. These aggregation services were unheard of at the time in the fine art auction industry. Today thousands of auctioneers worldwide are connected to millions of collectors online by the auction house aggregators.

In 1999 Tim conducted a traditional art auction enabling simultaneous live online bidding in real time. This was believed to be a world first and made front page news. In 2000 Goodman sold the Julian Sterling collection of classic cars in Melbourne in association with a London based auction house. At that auction, Goodman sold the vast library of motoring books entirely at an online auction. This was the first online only auction conducted by a traditional auction house anywhere in the world.

In 2003, Tim acquired an exclusive license from Bonhams to launch the new brand, Bonhams & Goodman in Australia. This was the first and only time Bonhams had entered into a brand license agreement since the firm was founded in London in 1793.

In 2004 and 2007 Goodman acquired Theodore Bruce & Leonard Joel, the second oldest and third oldest auction houses in Australia, respectively.

In 2009 Goodman pulled off another coup when he acquired the regional business of Sotheby’s and a brand license to operate under the Sotheby’s brand. Sotheby’s, founded in London in 1744 had never, nor since, entered into a license to operate under its brand in its core fine art business. This was a big move for Sotheby’s and was celebrated in the global media as being a coup for Goodman who became founding Executive Chairman of Sotheby’s Australia. In 2010 Tim was voted one of the five most influential people in the Arts behind the Federal Minister by the Australian Financial Review, the country’s only financial daily newspaper.
In late 2010 – 2011, Goodman sold all of his traditional auction business interests separately, in each case to a MBO.

Tim was a Trustee of the Australian Museum Foundation 2013 – 15. The Australian Museum is one of the six largest and oldest natural history museums in the world. Apart from collecting and exhibiting, the Museum funds and conducts environmental research, something Tim is passionate about.

During his 40-year career as an auctioneer Tim has conducted over 300 charity auctions raising in excess of $11 million.


Executive Director and General Counsel
Sydney, Australia

Philip Wood has practised as a qualified lawyer in four jurisdictions (Australia, New York, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong) with a principal focus on international finance. He has also worked as an investment banker in both London and Sydney at Macquarie Bank and more recently has been CEO of two ASX-listed companies.


Non-Executive Director

Chaoyong Wang is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of listed ChinaEquity Group, which is one of China’s earliest independent institutions devoted to venture capital and private equity investment, market capped at over US$3billion.

Chaoyong Wang was selected by Tsinghua University as a government-sponsored student to study in the US in 1985 and became the first group member of China Mainland Students to enter Wall Street as a financial professional. Chaoyong Wang has had over 27 years’ experience in international and domestic finance and investment.

During the 1990s’ Chaoyong Wang was Vice President, Asia at Morgan Stanley based in Beijing. As a co-founder of Morgan Stanley’s investment banking business in China, Chaoyong Wang led overseas financing for the Chinese Ministry of Finance, Bank of China, China Eastern Airlines and Datang Power Generation.

Over the last decade Chaoyong Wang has built the investment banking business of State Development Bank of China. Chaoyong launched CHINA EQUITY with his management team.

Chaoyong Wang is not only active in the finance world, but also one of the major promoters of China’s business leader organizations including, China Grand Rally and China Large Sailing Sports. Chaoyong Wang is the founder and Chairman of China Team, the first Chinese team to challenge in the America’s Cup yacht race.

He is a senior member of the China Entrepreneur’s Club whose members include authoritative economists, Wu Jinglian, Zhang Weiying, Zhou Qiren and Xu Xiaonian; distinguished diplomat Wu Jianmin, China Globalization representative Long Yongtu, and the first generation of most influential Chinese entrepreneurs including Liu Chuanzhi, Wang Shi, Jack Ma, Yun Minhong, Ma Weihua, Wang Jianlin, Niu Gensheng, Zhu Xinli, Guo Guangchang, Li Shufu, Li Dongsheng and Feng Lun.

By 2011, annual operating income of the 44 companies under the management of and/or in the investment portfolio of ChinaEquity Group was around 2000 billion RMB (US$322 Billion) comprising a vital part of China’s GNP.

Chaoyong Wang is currently:

  • An Advisor to World Bank / GEF China Energy Project, State Development Bank of China and the Investment & Finance Sub-committee, China Science Academy
  • Director of China Enterprise Directors Association, China Entrepreneur Club, First Secretary-General of CVCA, HanXin Management Ltd, Rising Tech Corp. Ltd, Infront Asia Limited, The 9 Limited (NASDAQ Listed) and China Association for Promoting International Economic & Technical Cooperation
  • Vice-President, 2nd Session of the Council, China Overseas-Educated Scholars Development Foundation
  • Executive Chairman, China Sports Marketing Forum
  • Chairman, Origo Plc. (LSE Listed), HanXin Fund, ZheXin Fund, Li Shizhen Healthcare Co., Ltd, Xin Zhong Da VC Fund and
  • Vice-Chairman, WRSA Entrepreneur Association and Hubei Chamber of Commerce
  • Life-time Professor, Hua Zhong University of Science and Technology

Non-Executive Director
Sydney, Australia

Nicki brings over 18 years of experience in the financial services industry, specialising in target markets including superannuation/pension funds, investment managers, platforms and government entities. Previously she has held positions at Change Investment Management, Citigroup and Deutsche Bank including extensive experience in client-based derivatives trading.

*(To stand for election to the board of Fine Art Bourse Limited subject to the completion of the current Series A round of raising capital)


Non-Executive Director
Sydney, Australia

David is global business and technology leader having worked for Microsoft in global and Asian senior executive roles.

*(To stand for election to the board of Fine Art Bourse Limited subject to the completion of the current Series A round of raising capital)